This is from Part II of Choices of the Heart, A New Beginning. I wanted this to be a nice two-shot, but this is the next best thing, a shot of Christy and a shot of MacNeill from the same scene.

The morning after the storm.

Do we dare try to play the caption game with this scene? Never one to back down from a challenge, I say let's give it a go.

Captions submitted:

From Stewart: "Was I dreaming, or did someone spike my pipe?"

From Tom Blomquist, Exec. Producer: "Wow, Neil... if I had known what a good host you were, I'd have stayed over earlier!"

From me: "Well, I guess ordering room service is out of the question, huh?"

From Gap: Neil- "Peekaboo!"

From Kilene: Neil looking at Christy thinking, "Even after the storm, my lass is still beautiful." Christy looking at Neil with that far off look thinking, "What I wouldn't do for a Cafe Mocha right now"

From Shari Ann: "It wasn't the snoring that kept me awake, it was the way you steal all the blankets...not that I minded, of course."

From Nancy: "Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?"

From Marcy: Christy - "Just where did you learn your bedside manner, Doctor?"

From Michelle W: Neil to Christy - "How do you manage to avoid contracting 'bed head'? I'm impressed." Christy (humming): "Brille Creme, just a little dab'll do ya. . ."

From Jess Mc: Christy - "Quick Neil, go hide in the closet before those pesky photographers from the National Enquirer come back!"

From Debbie S: Neil - "Mountain customs dictate that now we HAVE to get married."

From Debbie S: Neil - "Great. I guess you are finally over that slapping me phase now!"

From Anonymous: "Mountain customs, eh? Didn't think about that with Harriet, now did we?"

Melissa: Neil to Christy - "Sweet Dreams." Christy to Neil - "Who needs to dream!"

From Anna D: Christy - "So just where are those etchings you wanted to show me?"

From Leslie: Christy - "Storm? What storm? Is there a storm outside?"

From Allison: No caption, but a comment: "Can't wait to see how this one rates on the Swoon Meter!"

From Sonla: Christy thinking- "And I thought that wakening to the site of the mountains was breathtaking, I could get use to this."

From Jeff: Dr. MacNeill - "Do you think you could look any less beautiful when you wake up? I'm dying over here!"

From Betsy: Neil - "You know Christy, this moment would be almost perfect except for those stupid cameras over there recording everything we do and say. Just what is going on here?"

From Tamina: "Remember how angry we used to make each other?"

From: Lori B: "Two very smitten kittens!"

From Lori B: "Wanna snuggle?"

From Georgianne: Neil is thinking--"Perhaps the way she looks after a bad night can compensate for her terrible cooking."

From Georgianne: Christy says--"Now will you believe me when I say that those who pray together, stay together?"

From Georgianne: Neil says--"I was hoping to make you realize that you were hot for me, but not THAT hot!"

From Lana: Neil and Christy agree--"Last one back to the Mission House has to break the news to David Grantland."

From Maya: Neil--"Say lass, you're not Kellie Martin!"

From Kim: Neil--"Did I ever tell you you're beautiful when you're not angry at me?"

From Kim: Christy--"Oh, I definately feel better now!"

From Kim: Neil--"I'm going to have to start praying more often."

From Kim: Neil--"So, do you still want to marry David? " Christy--"Who?"

From Mary R: Christy to Neil--"What do you mean by 'this isn't going to look good if someone sees us'? We're in a cabin in the middle of nowhere! By the way does mountain tradition require us to get married?"(She thinks*I hope so*)"

From Len: Neil thinks--"Wow! I can't remember when I ever woke up to a better view than this."

From Sharon (who emails that she is "a HUGE Christy fan): Even though all Neil could get to come out was "Good Morning" What he really meant was to start singing- "Good morning BEAUTIFUL, how was your night? mine was wonderfull with you by my side"....

And Sharon also sent in: Stewart--"Alright, hold the Neil and Christy stuff a minute! Lauren, what do you REALLY look like when you wake up?"

From Teri Jo: "I woke up in love this morning, I woke up in love this morning, went to sleep with you....on my mind..."

From Alesha-Ranee and Harmony: Doc--"Morning my love, oh yes now that you have had a taste of my life now will you marry me? Oh yeah one thing can I get rid of David for you? Because if you let me it would be my pleasure!"

From Summer: Christy--"Why are you over there you should be here?!"

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