MacNeill shows his concern for Christy

Captions Submitted

From CindyK, Webmaster: Neil--"Now don't be upset Christy. There will be another blue light special at Kmart tomorrow.

From Anna: Neil--"Christy, I was only kidding about how bad your cooking is. Not everyone can be Julia Child.

From Renee K: Neil--"Christy if you look at me that way, I may be forced to have to kiss you to make it better."

From gap: Christy--"What do you mean I have possum breath?"

From Ganymede: Christy wonders--"Did he wash that hand after operating on Bob Allen?"

From Julie B: Christy--"What do you mean there is superglue on your hand?"

From Daniaele: Neil--"Christy Lass, we are all out of possum surprise!" Christy--"No! It can't be! Oh, what shall we do?"

From SarahJ: Neil--"Awww Christy, don't look at me that way, with those big blue eyes! It does me in everytime!"

From Leslie: Neil--"Christy, no need to be angry. I really wasn't kissing Harriet, I was just giving CPR to her. I thought when she fell in the river, she might be drowning."

From Marcy: Neil--"I am so sorry Christy that you missed the bus to Dollywood. I can drop you off there on my rounds if you like, would you like to catch a ride with me?"

From Marcia: Christy--"That new soap I've been using really does make my skin softer!"

From Lana: Neil--"Christy, don't be embarrassed or upset. Having a Shivaree is a tradition around here. I promise it will be just fine, and they won't stay very long. Well, at least not the whole time."

From Kim: Christy--"Aren't you supposed to feel my forehead to check for a fever?"

From Mary R: Neil thinks--"Oh no, not again. How am I supposed to win arguments when she looks like that? If she keeps doing that I'll forget the argument and I may have to kiss her to remember." And Christy thinks--"Neil, how long am going to have to keep looking like this for you to get a clue? Sad looks = kisses to make me happy. Hurry it up, Doctor."

From Teri S: Christy--"What do you mean you're going away? Who am I going to watch bathing in the river?"

From A Change of Seasons, Part I of the Christy mini-series, Choices of the Heart

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