The Fans' Campaign for More New "Christy"
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Updated April 29, 2003
LAST CALL for signatures
The Online Petition Drive & Email Blitz

Dear Christy Fan:

You've been wondering what you can do to help bring about more programming based on "Christy," Catherine Marshall's timeless book of the redemptive power of love. Having already inspired an excellent, award-winning television series and exciting mini-series, you can help bring about even more superior, family-oriented programming based on this beloved story. As we seek to persuade the Hallmark Channel to bring their genius for translating classic works of literature into superb, television special events, a petition designed for this purpose is now available online.

The link below will lead you to the "Online Petition for Christy on Hallmark." Copy and email this letter to your family, friends and associates online so that they can show their support, too. When they forward the letter to their online contacts, more people can do the same. Let's reach as many people as possible with the opportunity to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime effort to reach the next generation with original, exciting stories written in the spirit of "Christy"!

For questions, please email Gloria