The Road Home
Episode Written by Pamela K. Long

Mega Swoon Fest!
The swooning never stops in this enchanting episode as Christy discovers she's in love with MacNeill just about the time his estranged wife shows up wanting a second chance. And the pastoral sexual imagery runs amok in this episode. Get ready to swoon big time!
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Best swoon moment: How can you possibly choose here: could be the wonderfully pastoral scene where MacNeill puts the flower garland on her head and David gets his feathers riled when he sees Christy wearing it (swoon); could be all the gentle touches exchanged between MacNeill and Christy (swoon, swoon); could be MacNeill sweeping Christy away on horseback in her dream (swoon, swoon, swoon); could be MacNeill teaching Christy to fly fish (swoon, swoon, swoon, swoon). There are so many possibilities here that I predict you will get so lightheaded from swooning that you won't be able to decide. But I will help you out. If you want to watch the juiciest moments of the really good stuff, pick the fly fishing lesson and also the scene on Lookout Rock where Fairlight gets Christy to understand that it's MacNeill the young schoolteacher is really in love with. Fairlight knows it, and we all know it, but it sure is fun watching Christy's reaction the moment she figures it out, too. It's a good thing Fairlight is there with her, otherwise Christy might have swooned right off the side of that mountain lookout.

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