The Hostage
Episode Written by Philip Gerson

Not a Swoon in site

An out-of-sorts "Women good/Men bad" blatantly feminist plot that keeps the two apart for the entire episode. An almost swoon when MacNeill reacts to the news that she is being held hostage by a man who is after him. He tears off ready to exchange his life for hers without a second thought.

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Best swoon moment: Can't say that I swooned at all in this episode since the episode is so dark in subject matter and downright depressing for a Christy episode. But it is significant that Christy wants to protect MacNeill from being ambushed by her captor and a couple of time chooses to put herself in harm's way to prevent that from happening. And when MacNeill finally finds out that she has been taken hostage by a man that really wants to get even with him, he is ready to ride off unaccompanied in an instant to give up himself to save her. Real depressing stuff, best not swooned over.

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