Second Sight
Episode Written by Kathryn Ford

Subtle swooning
Another out-of-sorts message episode, this time centered on an environmental issue. About the closest to a swoon here is when an inebriated MacNeill picks a fight with some city slicker who is dancing with his girl, Christy.
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Best swoon moment: Not my favorite episode because I think it is pretty heavy-handed in its save the trees message, and it doesn't help that MacNeill and Christy are at odds through most of the episode. Pretty pathetic excuse to swoon here as all I can find to report exciting between the two of them is when a liquored up MacNeill shows up at a welcome party for Nathan Stone and finds the young school teacher dancing with Mr. Stone. MacNeill actually tries to cut in and ends up getting his lights punched out over the whole thing. He wasn't about to stand there and watch "his" Christy dance with some stranger.

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