The Pilot
Episode Written by Patricia Green
Swoon, swoon, swoon
Summary: With at least 3 serious swoony scenes and several relationship defining symbolic moments, this episode scores fairly high on the swoon meter.

Miss Christy Huddleston

Dr. Neil MacNeill
Christy and her two fellas
What is going on here: Ok, I am going out on a limb here by stating early on that even though the outward actions and dialogue of The Pilot episode might lead one to believe that Christy is going to be paired up with the available, young attractive preacher, I can argue the case after watching this episode that it is actually Neil MacNeill, the doctor, that she will fall in love with. The subtle clues are all there (and I'll point them out as we go along). David is an obvious, simple choice (the red herring, so to speak). MacNeill is a much more abstruse and complex choice. But he is oh-so-worth-it as Christy will discover over the course of the series. The Pilot Episode establishes this dichotomy of the two men, and we begin to learn about the enigma that is Neil MacNeill and start to make comparative decisions about him in relation to David Grantland.
The Details: Christy meets Neil MacNeill very early in her arrival at Cutter Gap. In fact on her way to the Mission, she and mail carrier Ben Pentland come upon a medical emergency that requires the doctor's attention. MacNeill has been up all night tending to other casualties and is diverted on his way home to tend to the serious head wound of Bob Allen. MORE->>
Christy smiles at MacNeillBest swoon moment: My favorite to rewind and watch over and over is in MacNeill's cabin, especially the scenes centered around the wearing of the lavender dress. Watch both Christy's and MacNeill's faces and their eyes--when he hands her the dress and then watch her when she is in his bedroom after changing into the dress.MacNeill reacts to Christy Watch his reaction when he looks up from the fireplace and sees her in the dress. SWOON! The tension and attraction between them is visible. Too bad David has to be in the scene and spoils the moment between the couple. It is a special moment indeed. And the first time I saw the looks exchanged between the two back in 1994, I knew that was a defining moment in their relationship. And yes, I swooned about this scene even then.

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