Green Apples
Episode Written by Pamela K. Long

Mega Swoon!
This Neil and Christy relationship centered episode comes so close to being a mega swoon fest, that we are going to call it one. There is a flirtatious kitchen scene, her spying on him bathing, his eating her burnt dinner just because she cooked it for him, a charming dance by the river, several subtle hints and an outright confession from him of his feelings toward her. Not only that but there are several symbolic plot points and pieces of dialog that resonate with the couple's sublimated passion for each other.
What is going on here: Coming Soon!                 
The Details: Coming Soon!             
Best swoon moment: How about that very sweet dance by the river after sharing dinner? Well, Christy did burn his dinner and the dance ends in an argument. But how about why she burned his dinner? She was watching him bath in the river. A naughty, naughty girl! Seriously though, I think it is when he finally tells her during the scarlet fever epidemic why he has been so angry with her, and it is because he wants her to want him as much as he wants her. Confused? Well, don't be. She is clueless enough for all of us!! Why MacNeill is upset is that when Christy came to his house all sweet and demure and acted interested in him, he let his guard down and showed his feelings. And she stepped all over them because he found out she was flirting just to get him to take on Dan Scott as an apprentice. Her concern for Dan Scott hurt him as he explains to her, "because it wasn't me." And this is a big deal for him because it is as close to an admission of how MacNeill feels about Christy as he can give at this point. Poor MacNeill really has it bad for the teacher, but she just doesn't seem to get it or if she does, she isn't willing to act on it or admit how she feels to him. Ah well, we can swoon anyway because we all know!!

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