Eye of the Storm
Episode Written by Pamela K. Long & Patricia Green

A swoon or tow
You know things are happening here: much of the main action of the episode is centered on Neil and Christy's growing attraction and the conflict that ensues when their swoony behavior comes under the scrutiny of Miss Alice. Plus major swoon moments occur one stormy night!

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Best swoon moment: Is it when MacNeill tells that incredibly romantic story about the Selkie and you can almost see Christy swoon? Maybe. Is it from all the comments Miss Alice and David make about the couple making eyes at each other all the time? Maybe. Is it when she comforts him in his laboratory when he finally tells her about his wife who drowned? Maybe. Or it could be her reaction when he tells her he is taking a position at St. Timothy's to do research. There is so much swoony stuff in this episode that one can hardly choose the best moment. But here is my choice, and it is going to surprise you because this one is really subtle but very romantic. It actually occurs in a small scene between Alice Henderson and Zady Spencer when the two are discussing Zady's parents and why Zady believes that her parents will quit fighting and get back together. Zady tells Alice that is because "they got true love." And Alice asks her how she knows that. Zady answers "it's as plain as day. It's in my daddy's eyes when he looks at her and on my mama's face..." And hearing that, Alice considers this a moment and then glances back at the mission house where she has just left an argument with Christy after busting her young protégé and MacNeill for doing exactly the same thing that Zady has just described. It is right then that we realize just what is being said about the two and how very true it is. I believe that at this moment in this episode and from then on through the rest of the series, we now know that Christy and MacNeill have the major hots for each other. Great scene, wonderful, subtly revealing dialogue and a big time swoon.

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