Episode Written by Tom Blomquist & Tyne Daly

A subtle swoon moment
Even though the couple has no scenes together alone, the inferred swooning here comes from an extended scene between MacNeill and David as Christy becomes the topic of discussion.

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Best swoon moment: There is no scene in this episode that would even come close as a swoon moment shared between MacNeill and Christy as they have only one group scene together that they are in at the very end. But the fact that Christy comes up as the topic of discussion between David and MacNeill is what makes our little heart flutter. As the two inebriated men (which is entirely MacNeill's doing) sit on the bench in front of the schoolhouse and discuss their common interests, David can't help but try to get in a dig at MacNeill that he knows the doctor is hot to trot over Christy, but that he, the preacher, had asked her already to marry him. MacNeill's shaken but remains cool on the outside. And he gets the last word on the matter for when the preacher passes out from the alcohol, MacNeill slyly smiles and says "then she could still say no." We all know what he is thinking, and why this is so important to him.

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