Lost and Found
Episode Written by Patricia Green

A Swoon or two
One sweet swoony scene between them and a couple of intense encounters, make for several exciting Neil and Christy moments.

What is going on here: This is an interesting episode in the chronology of the series because one section of it was actually written and filmed as part of the Pilot episode and then later edited to become the focal point of this episode, specifically the incident involving the death of Opal McHone's baby and Christy's confrontation with MacNeill about the baby's death. As such, this episode should technically time-wise come immediately after the pilot episode, particularly in light of the fact that this episode contains one of the earliest one on one interactions between MacNeill and Christy. The way this was originally written, MacNeill explains his practice to Christythe confrontation scene should have occurred not long after the moonshining disagreement between David and MacNeill and would have been the scene right before the cornhusking party that possibly explains why none of us ever understood just what the tension was between MacNeill and Christy in that scene in the Pilot. Considering what occurs when Christy accuses MacNeill of being a lousy doctor and he sets her straight about what he is up against, I think what happens at the cornhusking party scene in the Pilot with MacNeill's desire to talk to her and his disappointment when she turns away from him makes a lot more sense now.
The Details: Coming soon!
Best swoon moment: This has to be when MacNeill comes to Christy at the mission house to comfort her because she feels responsible for Opal McHone's emotional breakdown. MacNeill and Christy have had several disagreements throughout until this scene, and Alice Henderson tells him he needs to go to Christy because she needs to see him. So he does, even though he too has guilt over what has happened as well. MacNeill is so sweet to Christy in this scene, wonderfully compassionate and very supportive of her, slipping his arm around her to make her feel better. She appreciates his coming and his gesture. And we love watching these little moments between the two.

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