Babe in the Woods
Episode Written by Kellie Martin & Tom Blomquist

A Swoon or Two
Here's the deal. This episode blows the lid off of the competition between the two men for Christy's affections.
What is going on here: Coming Soon!                 
The Details: Coming Soon!             
Best swoon moment: This episode has a scene in it that gets the nod as cutest moment between the is the final scene where MacNeill takes Christy the punch at the picnic and how wonderfully adorable the two look and act toward each other. And then David walks up with a cup of punch for Christy too, and Christy thanks him but points out that Dr. MacNeill already brought her a cup. MacNeill smiles and takes the extra cup from David and he drinks it, his eyes never leaving Christy. David fumes and challenges the doctor to another competition...this time arm wrestling. The episode closing with Christy commenting on the two as their contest continues well into the night, neither about to relinquish the challenge to the other.

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